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With P90X workouts, what started as a bold DVD exercise experiment has turned into a cultural phenomenon. At first it was a grassroots movement, where everyday people were getting truly spectacular results in just 90 days. Then, after 3 years of on-going proof that this program works as promised, stars were crediting P90X for their physiques – from Hollywood’s red carpets to professional athletes in post-game interviews to thousands of military personnel and politicians. P90X achieved this notoriety not because of clever marketing; you hear about it everywhere because it really is that effective.


P90X is a 90 day extreme home fitness program offering resistance, cardiovascular, core, stability, and mobility conditioning. But not everyone has an hour or so to devote to exercise or perhaps they like to workout in a group for motivation.

p90x-logoP90X Remix workouts are 30 minute group trainings that offer a hybrid of the 12 famous DVDs that got so many people across the globe in the best shape of their life. In just 30 minutes you will get a total-body workout that offers all the benefits from a collection of DVDs into each 30 minute P90X Remix workout.

Join Jewel Kessler, our certified P90X Trainer, for an exciting, fun, and intense P90X Remix workout each week. Beachbody and Tony Horton, the founders of P90X, brought the term “muscle confusion” to the masses to help millions change their bodies. We will not only offer you muscle confusion, we will make sure you don’t experience the dreaded exercise plateau so long as you are enrolled in a P90X Remix program.

The best thing about P90X is anyone can do it and be successful. All it takes is dedication, focus, and a desire to BRING IT every workout. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to workout, or if you are a fitness enthusiast. This program is for everyone who wants to get healthy, feel better, and change their body.


“I love the P90X. During other work outs, parts of my body will be sore and I know I’ve worked them; after P90X, I have total body exhaustion and know I have worked every muscle – in a half hour! Can’t ask for anything after than that!” – Amanda M.

“I enjoy P90X because it is something different each week and not the same old routine that would bore you. I love trying and doing new things that will challenge me and when you workout with Jewel you never know what to expect, other than you are going to get a great workout and feel great when you are done.” – Holly F.

I love this new P90X training class! The fact that I am getting up so early to come and the intense 30 minute length, motivates me to focus on making every minute count, challenging myself with every movement. Of course, Jewel’s positive attitude and re-renforcement makes it an even better experience. Thanks!” – Jen R.

“Its an “ass-kicker”, but enjoyable.” – Wayne G.

“The program is great! I can spend 90 minutes working out on my own and do not feel half the benefit of a 30 min P90X workout.”– Tom W.

Facts about P90X Remix workouts at Horsham Athletic Club:

  • 30 minutes in duration with a warm-up and cool-down/stretch included.
  • Offered in a 90 day session, but anyone can join anytime and receive pro-rated rates.
  • The more workouts you register for, the more you save AND the faster you change your body.
  • Each workout is different so you remain engaged, challenged, and motivated.

The P90X Remix trainings are offered:
Mondays 12:15 PM
Tuesdays 6:30 AM
Wednesdays 6:30 AM
Fridays 12:15 PM

90 Day program runs from March 4 – May 31st (you can join anytime while space is available)

HAC Member Pricing:
$15 drop-in
$130 for once a week reservation
$243 for twice a week reservation

Non- HAC Member Pricing:
$25 drop-in
$180 for once a week reservation
$284 for twice a week reservatio

Please call Jewel at Horsham Athletic Club for further information and to reserve your workouts at:
(215)322-6222: The Gravity Center
(215)675-45434 x 107: The Horsham Athletic Club

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